We at CBT take pride in launching first of its kind pay as you go model for our existing and new customers. Most of your IT infrastructure that involves Desktop , printers , communication devices,Networking, storage and auxiliary devices like access control system can be financed to provide a monthly fixed sum for your IT needs. Ofcourse we bundle this with our services and Annual maintenance to make it more attractive.

After confirming the hardware and software required , CBT professional will discuss the need for finance for 12 months to 36 months payment duration. A contract between the parties is signed for legal purposes.

This brings delivering the IT as a Services concept to altogether to a new level. CBT believes that technology should ease our effort of doing business. This IT as a service concept is currently valid for UAE entities and requires a fixed number of years of operation in UAE to be able to get qualified.

There are certain conditions as with any other offer , but let CBT representative call and connect to explain more. Whats more contact us via web support team or simply drop email to info@cbt.ae to learn more.

Engage with team CBT for latest offers in our server line ups. Whether it is  a standard config or a complex customized offering, we can help you.

We constantly upgrade our availability list so dont hesitate to give CBT a chance.

What may surprise you is a price and offer that helps you save money and yet not compromise on your application hardware requirement.

we have done this before a lot of time!

drop us an email at info@cbt.ae or contact our web support team.




For a limited time CBT is offering free infrastructure audit and NOC services to assess and plan their IT budget  and current IT posture.

Whats more we do application audit to find out flaws and gaps, with no commitment whatsoever! its just our way of supporting our business community.

Want to discuss more, drop us an email on info@cbt.ae or connect with us via web chat and our representative will call you in 24 hours.

Modernizing/Upgrading  your storage system was never easier. We at CBT engage with several vendors to bring best in breed solution at optimized costs.

This makes a complete win win for the customer looking to evaluate brands like EMC, HPE, Pure Storage and so many other vendors that have good product but fail to reach out their target audience.

we at CBT understand this and offer unique proposition to our client base.

Drop an email to your CBT representative or to info@cbt.ae for more information. We will be glad to assist you.

Endpoint detection for enterprise devices at no cost for 1 year. NO HIDDEN COST! NO COMMITMENT!

Technology is changing pace everyday today. What is not changing better and upgrade end devices like mobile phone and personal computing devices like laptops.

with the COVID 19 pandemic affecting our business and work culture. Since more personal devices are being used by organization to connect with Enterprises we are offering free end point detection and managed service to the new and existing customer for 365 days.

Talk to our web support representative or email us at info@cbt.ae . we will be able to assist you rightaway.

What is challenging for the IT team today is to get themselves abreast with latest technology trends.

While most of the IT vendors like Cisco , DELL EMC, FORTINET remain in the forefront to talk on new changes. we at CBT take a more holistic approach.

Hence we offer customized modules and trainings to for each of the below areas.

  1. Infrastructure solutions
  2. Next Generation security
  3. Data Center primer 101
  4. Rethinking Servers for modern applications.
  5. Storage and why most vendors talk about it.

We are not stopping here. Please write to us what you think is best.

CBT teams is on a constant feedback to learn and improve. We would like to hear from you!

Drop us a email on info@cbt.ae or contact our great web support team.

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