Device monitoring and content protection​
From Vendor specific solutions to free options, enterprise device monitoring has always been used by IT pros.

There are lot of software tools out there that do basic to advance Network monitoring,essentially monitoring traffic from fixed infrastructure devices like LAN switches, DC switches, Wireless AP , Servers and Storage to Security devices.

Monitoring of devices has a lot of purpose behind it and most important of them is maintain service SLA , device uptime among others.

All the device manufactures have their own software and most likely they are preferred over other third party. Primary reason is that single vendor approach still reduces risk for operation team.

However there are third party tools like Solar winds etc. more details mentioned in an article below.

For choice  I listed few below most effective.

  1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
    Far more than just a simple scanner. Most network security issues arise when configurations are changed and SolarWinds NPM identifies these and can automatically resolve many. Alongside solid vulnerability scanning and advanced options to create and monitor policies, this is by far the top choice for network monitoring systems.
  2. Paessler PRTG Network MonitorFree network monitoring software that uses SNMP, packet sniffing and WMI to monitor your network.
  3. AteraCloud-based RMM system includes a large range of monitors – server, network device, and application – suitable for all sized businesses.
  4. Site24x7Network management platform tools that can monitor network devices, websites, servers, applications, and more.
  5. ManageEngine OpManagerNetwork monitor that can monitor SNMP devices, switches, servers, and virtualized network services.
  6. Nagios Core– One of the top open-source network monitoring tools. Includes a dashboard view, alerts system, community plugins, and more.
  7. Zabbix– Open source network monitoring software with SNMP and IPMP monitoring. Includes an alerts system and community plugins.
  8. Zenoss Cloud – Application and network service monitoring tool with machine learning anomaly detection and root cause analysis.
  9. Icinga– Open source network monitoring system with a DSL. Includes extensions.
  10. Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard– Free network monitoring software with a high-quality dashboard and simple alert system.

So essentially two things to keep in mind from SNMP based monitoring to proprietary monitoring to some Netflow and now network devices are moving to Telemetry based real time monitoring.

The real choice selection is based on the end user environment is it more based on LAN or uptime for the operation team also involves the bandwidth monitoring or link monitoring

The purpose of this article is also consider  Device monitoring ( personal computing devices ) and Content protection as a one strategy solution and not separate. However important is to understand that there is no single solution or single vendor approach here.

This is where approach of system integrators means a lot. Randomly selecting vendor to stitch a solution is by far the biggest reason for projects taking time to complete and rather leave customer dissatisfaction.

We have compiled a list of approach ( practices and solution ) for the current times where SaaS based application also play there part.

  1. Consider Physical security of devices ( this includes passwords, device auto lock out, Auto Wipe )
  2. Mobile Device management or Mobile Application management – This doesnt need to be for all devices but could be for devices and users that deal with sensitive information.
  3. Information Security practices.
  4. Privilege access management and Device management- Although highlighted by NESA in UAE , still lot of customers don’t use it.
  5. Centralized monitoring and reporting.
  6. SaaS application security and monitoring.
  7. Policy framework to be created for type of content and information to be used freely in an enterprise.
Migration Services – On Prem /Cloud​
This is biggest debate by far on the enterprises and within IT team.

Team CBT thinks, there is no one solution and there is always a trade off. So there are hybrid approach as well since you can never have a ONE MODEL for current dynamic IT environment.

As an example an small entity today uses Microsoft office applications considers using Office 365 or better known as M365 because of its ease. Here the ease of use and upgraded feature scores over Office on premise offering. Ofcourse two other reasons are important to note, Microsoft diminishing support on premise office environment ( by that i mean more expensive than cloud ) and lesser need of worrying about growing data ( remember its a small entity).

But it may or may not be suitable for a large organization already running some application on premise to immediately decide for a cloud environment.

So in my view, it has to be treated in each case separately.

1 . Based on the type of application

2. Location of its users ( local or spread across country )

3. Current Infra available on Prem ( remember there are OEM vendor giving attractive offerings)

4. Cost of running infrastructure

5 . Available Cloud skills in the market.

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When to choose SAP on Prem or cloud?​
SAP is an ERP giant. It has immense possibilities and organization using it espacially in UAE understand it well.

CBT assists its customer to carefully work with right skilled consultant to understand how different hardware vendor certified to provide resources to run this are better or approaching a local public cloud vendor is a option.

We access everything from UPS consumption to Power rating of services down to individual Dirham entities in UAE spend towards running a DC environment for such application.

Often missed but this could be a precursor for decision making.

On the other side espacially in UAE being an SMB hub, we notice smaller entities who use SAP might need right assistance to choose where to host application.

we offer a complete consultation for such situation and assist solution which are vendor neutral and have an ROI for 3 to 5 years.

We can help you evaluate the right module and right requirement for your environment ensuring your business continuity plan using our manage services model.

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