Security Operations Center

In today’s globalized, digital economy, it’s essential to monitor and guard your company’s data against advanced cyber threats. This is getting increasingly complicated due to too many tools, security skill shortage, and alert fatigue.
Our 24x7 SOC monitoring gives organizations a significant advantage in the struggle to defend themselves against incidents and intrusions regardless of source, time of day, or type of attack. The gap between the attacker’s time to compromise and the time to detect decreases, which helps organizations stay on top of threats facing their environments and limit their risk.
We offer an end-to-end security monitoring solution that covers the entire enterprise environment and continues to strengthen that offering with our latest update that includes improvements across the platform.
Combining a range of advanced tools, and the skills of experienced cybersecurity professionals, our Security Operations Center performs the following vital functions:

• Security event monitoring, detection, investigation, and alert triage
• Security incident response management, including malware analysis and forensic investigations
• Threat intelligence management (ingestion, production, curation, and dissemination)
• Risk-based vulnerability management (notably, the prioritization of patching)
• Threat hunting
• Security device management and maintenance
• Development of data and metrics for compliance reporting/management

We defend your organization from Cyber Threats by providing services such as:

Log Management

Our centralized & fully integrated global SOC is seamless for storing raw logs from multiple sources. It enables common compliance & regulatory requirements. Logs provide real-time & historical views of collected information, enabling forensic investigations.

Correlation & Threat Intelligence

We offer SIEM correlation engines and rules that are fine-tuned to each customer for continuous detection of critical alerts & incidents. Events from multiple sources are aggregated to identify suspicious or anomalous patterns that may represent a threat.

Security Monitoring & Incident Response

Log monitoring for early detection of threats, to meet regulatory compliance & for deep-dive investigations. We deeply investigate & triage potential security incidents. An identified security incident is communicated to customers along with relevant details.

Advanced Threat Analytics with AI

Our SOC in IT security is powered by a big-data analytics platform that uses feeds from multiple sources, combined with techniques of Machine Learning and AI.

Malware Analysis

Automated malware analysis processor analyses certain types of file objects to assess the malicious nature of a file. Some of the techniques include Network Session Analysis, Static File Analysis, Dynamic File Analysis & Security Community Analysis.

User and Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA)

UEBA uses ML and statistical analysis to create a baseline of normal patterns & detect anomalous behaviour. UEBA uses machine learning to strengthen your security posture. UEBA monitors users and entities to detect anomalies in behavior patterns that could indicate a threat. Our solution assigns risk scores for every user and incident, and enables comparison to peers, to help analysts understand and focus on the most critical incidents.

Orchestrator (SOAR)

Orchestrator provides automation of security operations, threat & vulnerability management, and incident response. It enables your organization with quicker resolution and operational efficiency driven by playbooks for automated detection and response.

SAP Security

Our SOC offering includes business-critical application security in the central security monitoring of the enterprise. Our SIEM solution for SAP integrates SAP systems with SIEM for compliance management and security monitoring of SAP data, eliminating the SAP security blind spot. Empower your analysts with complete insight into your SAP system to ensure that your most valuable assets are safe.

Dedicated Customer Dashboard & Reports

With SOC as a service we offer dedicated dashboards and on-demand report generation service for customers are provided to monitor performance, identify trends and speed up decisions. Customer-specific reports can be added on request.

Problem Management

We provide personalized consulting services to evaluate security posture for organizations. In addition to identifying the root cause of incidents, steps are also suggested to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and minimize future impact.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Our application & network security experts probe and penetrate the security and defences of your application & systems. These activities can be detected and reported thereby quickly identifying weak spots where improvements are required.

Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Our vulnerability assessment experts identify, classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities. Remediation and mitigation steps are applied for specific business-critical vulnerabilities. With Vulnerability Assessment we help to protect your data and network.

Network Forensics as a Service

Our Network Forensics as a Service captures and stores packets from the entire organizational network. With a team of network forensics analysts, we completely analyse the recorded packets and log to detect and reconstruct intrusions.