Top 4 IT Trends in 2022

on March 18, 2023

2022 was a challenging year for IT the increased demands brought on by the post-pandemic world meant that software has to be developed at the increased speed of business, to meet the needs of an evolving workforce. Dell Digital shared a report on these themes that stood out during the year.

Developer Experience is the Critical Path to Innovation

The requirements of a workload might alter at any time. It is crucial to have the capability of smoothly moving workloads to the ideal hyper scaler, which gives teams the freedom to make decisions on the optimal choice of computing. Without being reliant on a single provider, move workloads to the cloud and then return to the on-premises data center as necessary. The ability to shift workloads has grown in significance. In fact, shifting the workload to a new platform will account for 24% of all workload adjustments expected for 2022. Additionally, most executives say that their company plans to modernize its apps, with “app mobility between clouds” acting as the primary motivator. Underneath it all is transformation to a new product model structure that supports our focus on agile development methodology, technology, and DevOps best practices.

Organizations Continue to Get Smarter with SRE

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has become more and more popular among businesses as a means of enhancing site stability and maintaining platforms. In order to address the rising need for faultless client experiences despite ever-more complicated IT systems, Dell employs SRE. Creating an observability practice is broken down into its component parts in Demystifying Observability in the SRE Process.

Delivering Great Team Member Experiences is More Important Than Ever

In order to stay up with a workforce that is becoming more hybridized, team member experience companies have faced new problems in recent years. This has required IT teams to change how team members are served around the firm. Revising workforce personas using research to better serve team member needs. More improved cost management effectiveness and team member satisfaction by modernizing this important design tool. Tools and procedures for gathering and utilizing team member experience data via a single platform. Implementing procedures to see data in real-time to more accurately identify, address, and even foresee difficulties.

Digital Transformation Starts with Modern Infrastructure

An ongoing difficulty is providing the storage and computing power necessary to serve today’s sophisticated enterprises. In order to meet this issue, Dell Technologies has taken a number of different approaches, such as spinning up two data centers in less than 90 days and employing automation and self-service to better manage the capacity they have. With the introduction of Zero Touch Provisioning as a more effective, scalable, and reliable approach to construct storage clusters in our data center in addition to providing the immediate data center capacity we need. the setup of new blank servers into typical virtualized clusters using this procedure, test and confirm all their features, and enable them as capacity in a fifth of the time it used to take. Which enabled them to create a faster, smarter, and more efficient way to manage the lifecycles servers across the company.